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Fund Board Effectiveness

Primacy of the Fund Board

Fund board directors – both independent and executive – and the teams that work closely with them are facing ever-increasing regulation, scrutiny and direct accountability, extending far beyond the original requirements of the Asset Management Market Study. 

The Financial Conduct Authority is very clear about what it terms the ‘primacy’ of the fund board in an asset management firm’s governance structure – leaving directors in little doubt of its expectations that they will appropriately and robustly challenge the wider firm to deliver on its responsibilities to investors.  

Examining Fund Board Effectiveness

With this unique and increasingly demanding role, many fund boards are examining their own effectiveness at discharging their duties, upholding high standards of governance and how well prepared they are to tackle both imminent and longer-term product governance challenges.  

FBC’s Fund Board Effectiveness programme recognises the specific dynamics of product governance and the unique role of the fund board within their firm’s overall governance structure and aims to support the whole board in delivering the highest possible standards of fund governance on behalf of their investors.


FBC Digital event: New FBC research in Risk Management

FBC is exploring how fund boards approach risk management oversight to identify good practices and areas for improvement.


Effectiveness in fund governance (and where it differs from corporate governance)

Catherine Battershill
Catherine Battershill
Managing Director
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Fund Boards Effectiveness programme

The Fund Boards Effectiveness programme is available to FBC’s corporate members and includes events, thought leadership and proprietary research. This is alongside bespoke consultancy, including Board Assessment Reviews, and fund board effectiveness training, which is available to both corporate members and non-members.

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