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Expert-led, fund board specific training and development across a wide range of relevant topics.


Benefits of FBC Training

FBC Training is designed by industry experts to complement and build on your knowledge and experience as an AFM board member, or a senior management team member who supports the board on a regular basis.

Our training, as with all our services, are uniquely focused on applied investment governance skills and expertise.

We offer training in key areas including:

  • Specific duties and responsibilities of fund board directors,
  • Skills required to make judgements and decisions when overseeing the activities of authorised funds, and
  • Fiduciary responsibilities, especially the duty to act in the best interests of investors.


FBC works with you to ensure that the training you and your board participate in is aligned with your needs and desired outcomes.

There are three broad key learning outcomes we aim to deliver through all our training programs:

  • Help ensure that board members (and relevant executives) are well-equipped to do their roles more effectively,
  • Help ensure that board members have the knowledge and skills to ensure that they (and their firms) meet relevant regulatory and legal responsibilities, and
  • Improve outcomes for fund investors by helping to equip fund board members to appropriately consider customers’ best interests.

Training Themes

FBC Training themes cover investment governance and applied professional skills as well as relevant core regulatory concepts and detailed rules, where appropriate. 

All our training modules are available in ‘off-the-shelf’ and bespoke formats. For example, our product governance training module is available as: 


General training on product governance which covers the generic regulatory requirements and some best practices in terms of how these might be implemented within a fund’s governance arrangements, together with a range of example case studies.


A highly tailored session on product governance which covers all of the above as well as being designed to reference a firm’s own product governance policies and governance forums, including case studies based on a firm’s own investment fund range.

The primary* training themes we cover are:

General governance focused modules

 (with some investment themes incorporated)

Specific investment governance focused modules

(with some general governance themes incorporated) 

Specific regulation focused modules 

Financial statements and other Management Information

Risk Management

*Please note that other training themes and modules are available on request.  

Training Delivery 

FBC Training is designed to complement FBC’s Fund Boards Effectiveness programme and Consultancy services. 

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