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Dedicated expert advice and support programs, tailored to the needs of your board and taking into account the regulatory environment. 

Recently FBC has responded to an increased need for dedicated expert services focused on governance of authorised fund managers. This has included a range of critical consultancy work such as:  

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Spotlight: How FBC Consulting is Helping Fund Boards

In order to support other boards through these and other vital issues, we have launched FBC Consultancy, a service dedicated to providing the right expert led support, at the right time and in the preferred format, to fund board directors. 

We believe this will put fund boards on the front-foot in terms of meeting regulatory expectations, especially acting in the best interest of end-investors. FBC Consultancy goes hand in hand with our Fund Board Effectiveness programme and FBC training.  

Of course, FBC members already have access to speaking with one of our experts on ad hoc topics whenever needed, so do feel free to contact us for advice or to discuss your consultancy needs. 

FBC Consultancy services are available to both FBC corporate members and non-members. FBC corporate members benefit from a discount and priority access to our consultancy services.   

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