Fund Board Composition – evolution, impact and regulatory requirements 

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FBC’s Shiv Taneja and  Catherine Battershill  discussed the annual update of the FBC Fund Board Composition Database (FBC Database) at a digital event on 6 February 2024.  

Now in its second year, the FBC Database provides valuable insights and industry data points for fund boards to consider and review their own composition and inform directors’ decision-making on key fund governance topics. It analyses the composition of the boards of over 80 UK authorised fund managers, which includes almost 500 board directors.  

This event included a lively Q&A, drawing out key insights including: 

  • comparisons with last year’s data 
  • the impact that composition can have on board effectiveness 
  • UK regulatory requirements related to board composition 

The recording of the meeting is now available for FBC Corporate Members on-demand in the Member Portal here and a report benchmarking fund board composition against the whole of the market and a selection of peers is also also available for members on request.

For non-members, if you are interested in gaining further insights on the FBC Database and our work in this area, please do get in touch at