The FBC Report: Fund Board Purpose

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The Evolving Role of the Fund Board

With fund board directors facing a growing list of oversight responsibilities including emerging accountabilities around ESG and distribution oversight, FBC’s latest report explores the importance of fund board purpose and how well the role of the fund board is understood outside of the boardroom itself.

How well do the boards’ stakeholders elsewhere in their organisations understand the evolving role of the fund board and its increasing workload? And, where there is a lower level of understanding, what impact does it have on the work of fund board directors? Moreover, what are firms doing to address it?

These are just some of the questions that FBC explores in the first edition of its new Fund Board Effectiveness Barometer, the FBC Report: Fund Board Purpose The Evolving Role of the Fund Board.

Drawing on insights and good practice from across the FBC corporate membership, the report also sets out a series of questions for firms to consider, assess and to address levels of understanding and engagement with their own fund board.

Excerpts of the report are available here. Fund Board Council corporate members can view the full report in the Member Portal, here, along with a recording of a detailed members’ discussion on this topic FBC held in June 2022.

Bespoke Analysis for FBC corporate members

Alongside the report, FBC corporate members who participated in the research will also have access to a summary report with bespoke insights from their firm’s individual responses. This analysis provides member firms with a snapshot of their own directors’ views on how well understood the role of the fund board is within their firm, and how this is impacting on the work of its directors.

The summary report, in combination with the framework of good practice set out in the main report, aims to provide FBC member firms with both useful insights into this topic and practical action points they can consider in the context of their own priorities and needs.

If you are an FBC member firm who participated in the research study, we will be in touch directly regarding your firm’s analysis. 

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