Fund Board Effectiveness Programme

FUND Board Effectiveness

The Fund Board Effectiveness programme

FBC’s Fund Board Effectiveness programme supports firms in developing and maintaining high performing fund boards and upholding the highest standards of governance on behalf of investors. 

Catherine Battershill
Catherine Battershill
Managing Director

How we can help

Through a programme of initiatives, research and events, we help firms to evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of their fund boards. This is combined with services, available to members and non-members that support fund boards in key aspects of board effectiveness:

Fund Board Assessment Reviews

Assessing a board’s overall effectiveness through bespoke Fund Board Assessment Reviews for fund boards and skills audit benchmarking  


Recruitment, onboarding and ongoing support for independent directors 


Insight and good practice

Access to insight and good practice from across the industry in the UK and internationally through dedicated FBC events, research and thought leadership


Fund Board Effectiveness podcast series

A strong board culture, where effective decision-making is underpinned by positive board behaviours, is at the cornerstone of good fund governance.

In our new series of Fund Board Effectiveness Podcasts, we examine the factors that contribute to the dynamics of high-performing boards and the personal qualities required to be an effective fund board director.

Starting with our introduction to the series, FBC director, Catherine Battershill, and David Butcher, experienced non-executive director, member of FBC’s Advisory Council and host of the series, discuss the importance of mindfulness and self-awareness in the boardroom.

In the first podcast of the series. David Butcher, speaks to Patrick Dunne, seasoned board chair and director and author of the award-winning book “Boards” about the important role self-awareness plays in individual directors’ contribution to the overall performance of their boards.

You can listen to excerpts of our podcasts through Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, Spotify and more.


Board Effectiveness events

Fund Board Effectiveness series: Defining the key characteristics of an effective fund board

28th October at 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm

In this session, we spoke to leading fund governance practitioners – both board directors themselves and those involved in board evaluation – to examine the key attributes and characteristics of an effective fund board.

In this highly practical session, the panel discussed the types of benchmarks and criteria that firms are using to determine the effectiveness of its fund board, exploring the key areas that boards need to address in order to be considered ‘high performing’ and examine the warning signs that chairs and board directors should be looking out.

Attendees at this first FBC Board Effectiveness meeting came away with practical considerations and steps to take back to their own boards.

This session formed part of Fund Boards Council’s brand-new series of events and content focused on the practical steps fund board directors can take to ensure both they personally and the board collectively are operating as effectively as possible.

The FBC Board Effectiveness series will explore effective structure and composition of these boards, how to optimise the processes that support the running of the board and the behaviours of effective boards and the executive teams that surround them.

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