FBC Research Note: Fund Board Oversight of Liquidity Risk Management, April 2024 

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Managing liquidity risk is a core part of operating authorised funds, remaining high on the agenda of the FCA, and continuing to be a key priority for FBC Corporate Members. 

FBC is pleased to provide our latest research into the oversight of liquidity risk management by fund boards, as part of our a programme of work in risk management. 

The FBC Research Note, Liquidity Risk Oversight: Key considerations for fund boards, is based on detailed survey responses and interviews, and explores: 

  • Where and when liquidity risk is discussed as part of fund board oversight activities 
  • How the fund board is involved in setting policy, risk appetite and dealing with significant liquidity events 
  • What assurance fund boards receive on the effectiveness of liquidity risk management controls 
  • The types of Management Information received by fund boards on liquidity risk 
  • How firms have responded to the FCA’s 2023 Dear CEO letter and thematic review 


Exclusively for FBC Corporate Members 

This report is now available in the Member Portal here, with detailed insights and recommendations of how fund boards can further enhance their oversight of liquidity risk management. 

If your board is grappling with any liquidity oversight issues or if you would like to discuss related fund board governance, please get in touch at contact@fundboards.org.