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Chair of FBC’s Advisory Committee, Philip Warland interviews two Luxembourg-based independent directors and governance experts, Denise Voss and Marc Saluzzi on the changing fund governance landscape in Europe and areas of convergence and divergence from the UK.

The video interview, filmed in September 2020, comes at a time of greater regulatory scrutiny on board governance in the UK and Europe and in particular on value for money and costs and charges. In it, the panel examines what this means for those in the board rooms in London and Luxembourg and, in particular, what this means for the role of the independent director, how that’s evolving and whether directors sitting on boards in both jurisdictions might become more commonplace. They also look at the role of board directors in some of the biggest issues of the day such as ESG and how firms are embedding sustainability into their own businesses.

The video includes the following key areas of discussion:

  • CSSF’s attitude to board governance (at 2m:23s)
  • Changes in board culture in UK and Lux (at 17m:47s)
  • Direct interaction with the FCA (at 24m:52s)
  • Will AoV come to Europe? (at 26m:08s)
  • The role of fund boards in overseeing ESG (at 33m:38s)