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Can a Director serve two masters? Exploring the Unique Characteristics of the Governance of Investment Funds versus Companies

The objective of this session was to generate discussion and reflection on investment fund governance beyond prescriptive regulatory requirements. In this session, Dr. Margaret Cullen, CEO and Academic Director, Certified Investment Fund Director Institute (CIFDI) explored the unique characteristics and governance of investment funds. Attendees were challenged to consider the objectives of investment fund governance and the steps necessary to create an effective governance framework.

The session was interactive, with participants working together to consider several governance related issues, including examples of where things go wrong in investment funds.

Panel discussion – How AoV can shape value and transparency discussions on fund boards?

The afternoon concluded with a panel discussion by leading experts on Assessment of Value and will consider AoV requirements in the context of overall fund governance. The panel examined how AoV may shape longer-term board discussions about delivering greater value and transparency to investors.