Fund Board Chairs: In the hotseat 

On 21 March, Catherine Battershill and I were joined by Carole Judd, Phil Wagstaff, Laurence Mumford and Nicola Palios to discuss the evolving role of funds boards, and specifically their role as fund board chairs.

Letter from Luxembourg – March 2023

Sheenagh Gordon-Hart, Independent Director at The Director’s Office 

‘Houston, we have a problem’. Now, I know that’s a misquote, but it came to mind when I began to pick up on the real-life manifestation of SFDR transparency requirements vis-à-vis annual reports.

Aldcroft on Asia Pac 

Stewart Aldcroft

Hong Kong resident, veteran of the Asian asset management industry and member of the FBC Advisory Council.

Shiv Taneja interviews Andrea Davidson, Invesco

Invesco’s Head of EMEA Corporate Governance and Company Secretarial, Andrea Davidson, speaks to FBC CEO Shiv Taneja. Andrea discusses the impact of regulatory changes and the governance that’s come into play in the UK and continental Europe, as well as board composition and her personal ‘bugbear’ the next generation of talent.