Independent Non-Executive Directors will have to get up to speed very quickly with new regulatory requirements and organisations like Fund Boards Council can help them to do that. It provides a very good platform for debating how the UK fund management industry is going to address new regulations.

Neal JenkinsAsset Management Professional

The UK fund management industry is going through welcome but complex change and Fund Boards Council is a valuable platform for sharing insight and best practice to help the industry navigate the implications of the Asset Management Market Study.

Martyn GilbeyUK Country Manager and Board Director, Franklin Templeton Investments

The fund management has some significant new developments with which to grapple over the coming years, not least the recruitment of iNEDs for fund boards but also the production and management of Assessment of Value statements. Fund Boards Council is a useful forum for accessing the latest thinking and best practice in these and other areas of fund board governance.

Jean-Francois HautemulleAsset Management Adviser and iNED