2021 iNED Bootcamp Press Release

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16th April 2021

Fund Boards Council hosts 3rd Annual iNED Bootcamp

This four-day event includes two live-streamed panel discussions and 15 on-demand sessions. The 2nd annual FBC iNED Survey and Report will be released to coincide with the Bootcamp.

LONDON, UK: 16 April, 2021: Fund Boards Council (FBC) will host its 3rd annual independent non-executive director (iNED) Bootcamp from the 19th – 22nd of April, exclusively online. This event is being run in association with NatWest Trustee and Depositary Services and will be available to FBC Members and Non-Members upon registration at https://fbcevents.live/ Content will be largely on demand, with the exception of two live-streamed events.

Areas of focus for this year’s event include: Fund Governance Across Borders, Maximising Fund Board Effectiveness, the iNED Role and Personal Effectiveness and the Future of Fund Governance. Included as part of this event, is the release of the findings of FBC’s 2nd annual iNED Survey and Report.

FBC’s 2021 iNED Bootcamp will include an on-demand session focused on major fund governance topics with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA panel is comprised of Nick Miller: Head of Asset Management, Garry Murdoch: Technical Specialist, Aidan McEvoy: Manager and Christopher Davis: Manager, Asset Management Department. The video event will cover the FCA’s latest thinking on Assessment of Value, product governance, diversity and culture.

The iNED Bootcamp will begin on Monday the 19th of April, with a live session entitled, The State of Investment Fund Governance in 2021 where the results of the FBC iNED Survey and Report will be discussed. “There is a focus in the 2021 report on culture, diversity and inclusion. Not only is this reflective of the corporate and investment governance zeitgeist, but something that FBC iNEDs specifically highlighted as needing to be better explored”, remarked Shiv Taneja, FBC’s CEO. Additional highlights of the report include a summary analysis of iNEDs’ views on fund board governance and oversight, effectiveness and implementation of Assessment of Value (AoV) and compensation.

Catherine Battershill, FBC’s managing director added: “The results of the iNED Survey and Report will complement the on-demand content and additional live session that will conclude FBC’s iNED Bootcamp on the 22nd of April.” Topics of interest to professionals involved in fund governance include: perspectives on cross border fund governance, assessing value in fund ranges in Europe, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing, practitioners’ views of liquidity risk management and the effective use of the depositary.”


For further details or for interview requests, please contact:

Catherine Battershill



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For more information on FBC, please visit www.fundboards.org

To register for the iNED BootCamp, please visit www.fbcevents.live